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Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

December 21, 2020

Are you getting tired of pests invading your home? No matter what time of year, pests can be a huge problem for homeowners. Scheduling regular pest control services from Rid All Termite & Pest Solutions is the key to keeping your home pest-free in the long term. However, there are different things you can do to help prevent a serious pest infestation in your home right now. Follow these tips to help make sure your home stays pest-free. 

Keep FireWood, Bricks, and Stones Away From House

Pests love it when you stack wood and bricks near your house. It gives them shelter and a place to hide. A good rule of thumb is to stack your wood and bricks at least 20 feet from your house. 

Cover Trash and Keep in Tightly Closed Bins

Pests are always on the hunt for food, and once they find a trash can that they can get a meal out of every now and then, they will stay close to your house. To prevent this, keep your trash cans sealed and tightly closed. To help keep flies away, empty your trash can every week. 

Watch for Water

Pest need two things to survive, food and water. Rodents will follow a water source and insects usually like damp cool places. To eliminate the risk of pests getting close to your house, eliminate the water source. Look for areas where water may pool up after a rain shower, and make sure you turn off your garden hose completely. 

Keep Kitchen Clean

Your kitchen could be a hot-spot for pests. Pests can typically be found wherever there is a food source. If you want to keep your house pest-free, clean your kitchen. Don’t leave food out on the counters, seal all bags and containers, and sweep up your crumbs. 

Keep the Rest of Your House Clean

Not only do you need to keep your kitchen clean, but you should also keep the rest of your house clean. Pests love dirty, unkempt areas like attics and basements. To avoid a pest infestation in your house, vacuum regularly and perform a deep clean at least once every two months. 

Keep Up With Yard Work

Overgrown grass, bushes, and gardens draw in wild animals and give insects a place to thrive. If you want to keep pests away, take care of your yard. Mow your lawn weekly, trim your bushes, and rake up leaves and sticks. 

No matter if it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, pests can be a problem. Take the proper precautions to help ensure that your house stays pest-free. 

If you are experiencing a pest problem or would like to schedule an inspection, call the professionals at Rid All Termite & Pest Solutions. For more information visit our website, or give us a call at 901-377-9915!

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