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The Negative Impacts on Your Health from Pest Infestations

September 27, 2021

Screen Shot 2021 09 27 at 1.25.57 AM 300x168 - The Negative Impacts on Your Health from Pest Infestations

An infestation of pests that vary in size and species is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. For those individuals who are phobic of any invasive critters, nothing is more startling than flipping on your basement light to see something scurry past your feet.


Whether your response to a pest is stark fear or mild annoyance, the reason for this blunt emotion is primordial in nature. We as humans are aware they pose a threat and are not fearful because of their eerie appearance.


Even a single ant in your kitchen may be an indication of an infestation. Rid All Termite and Pest Solutions want to educate you on defining what exactly an infestation is, the danger it poses to human health, and preventative methods.


What Defines An ‘Infestation’?

Just because you notice a spider on the basement stairs or a chipmunk in your garage does not instantly guarantee you have a pest infestation. However, the fact that one has gotten in means that more likely than not, many more have been signaled for entry.


The term ‘infestation’ refers to a large amount of insects or other pests invading the interior of your living environment. For instance, hornets setting up nests behind broken siding on your house and several finding a way inside is considered an infestation.


When it comes to rodents, especially mice, even just one is considered a rodent infestation. Due to their size, they can cause more damage and risk to your health. If more follow suit, the problems compound quicker.


Damage To Your Health

The danger that any type of pest infestation poses to your health, your family’s health, or your pet’s well-being is so broad, it pays to eliminate the issue long before it gets out of control. Here are some health effects to be aware of, caused by pest infestations.


Insects of all kinds bite, in one way or another. Spider bites are infrequent but possible, whereas a bed bug bite can trigger a severe allergic reaction in someone who previously never knew of the allergy. If you live in an area with termites, an infestation of these creatures kicks up dust, aggravating any respiratory allergies you or your children have.


More dangerous is rodent infestations. Mice urinate and defecate several times a day, and they do it wherever they make a home. Because mice and rats root through trash, they carry with them E coli, salmonella, and other bacteria, potentially spreading it on your food if they reside in your cabinets.


Prevention Is Key

Hiring a team like Rid All Termite and Pest Solutions to safely eliminate a pest infestation of any kind is a valuable solution; however, preventing an infestation before it occurs is even better.


If you know your area is prone to a specific infestation, contact Rid All Termite and Pest Solutions to conduct an evaluation of your home. In doing so, an experienced technician will identify problem areas for you to repair or replace. Visit their website today for more information!


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